Turn Your iPod Nano, iPhone 4, iPad Into Walking Robots

While you and I were busy trying to figure out how to talk on the original iPhone in LA and Vegas without dropping the call two seconds later, PachimonDotCom was using his giant brain to transform the smart phones into robots!


Now he's at it again, turning the diminutive iPod Nano 6G into a big-eyed bot that I just know will get up to no good come the midnight hour.

Check out PachimonDotCom's iPhone 4 and iPad bots here:

You can see the inspiration for his Apple robots here:

Now, someone use this to make an amazing game, stat!

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I love when people use audio output as control signals for external hardware. If people did that more often, then iOS devices could do much more than Apple wants without having to jailbreak it. Hell, it could really do anything by simply playing a video. And if you use those headphones that have the splitters on them, it wouldn't even take up an audio port.

There's no downside; people really need to start using audio output to control more things.

That said, this is pretty interesting...sort of. It's cute, definitely.

-IMP ;) :)