Turn Your Car Into Pac-Man

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Waze is a free app for the iPhone that works like Wikipedia for street maps. And to encourage users to help the service grow, the owners have devised a cunning plan: get you playing Pac-Man with your car.


Through Waze's "Road Goodies" program, cherries will be scattered across the map for you to find, then gobble up as your little yellow car icon passes over it. These cherries are placed in areas Waze's data is spotty, so a user driving over them helps improve the service. Everybody wins.

Sadly - and we're guessing this is for safety reasons - it's a Pac-Lite experience, as there are no ghosts forcing you to take handbrake corners and do 90 in a 40 zone. Ah well. There's still time to improve the thing.


Waze Turn-By-Turn App Lets You Play Pac-Man With Your Car [Gizmodo]

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I hear there's an illegal version that has ghosts that represent police cars.