Turn Off The Dark, Please

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Use this nightly thread to talk amongst yourselves, please, where the conversation runs from Spider-Man to alien invasion movies to music to video games. What happens in this thread tends to stray in this thread.


The following links are more interesting than I'll say here, so I'll shut up now. Oh, and this Unstoppable trailer parody is amazing. (Warning: Hulu link.)



I feel like a zombie. I've had little sleep. My daughter had colic Saturday and it was like one loud car alarm going off.

Oh well. Its part of the job.

For those who grew up with video game magazines, you may want to check this out. Its a awesome look back at how important the print side of games used to be and sad that it declined. I loved EGM (Pre-Ziff Davis) and Gamefan. They were more than just reading tools. For me, game mags were my lunchtime and represented a lot of special moments hanging with my buddies and talking about the latest games. Watching this made me buy a subscription to Retro Gamer.