Turbine Get Into The Spirit Of Things, Sack Some People

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It’s not just Midway employees staring down the prospect of an unemployed start to 2009, as job cuts were also announced today for Lord of the Rings Online developers Turbine.


A company spokesperson told GI.biz:

Yesterday, Turbine took steps to align our business to successfully achieve our strategic goals in the years ahead.

As part of this transition some of our talented colleagues will not be with us going forward.


No, they will be spending their Christmas wondering why their "talents" have seen the time for giving give them the arse.

All jobs cut are from the QA and accounting departments, and Turbine swear that none of their projects will be affected.

Redundancies hit Turbine following latest launch [GI.biz]

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When i look at the bugs the newest module (= big content patch) for Dungeons and Dragons Online, and especially it's localization for Europe, had, those QA guys didn't do a very good job. Or they were way too few so that they couldn't do a good job anyway and a few less don't really have an impact.