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The good-news/bad-news tradeoff is that Madden NFL 13 is getting a ton of significant fixes and capabilities with a patch rolling out on Tuesday. Of course, consumers are right to say these features should have been in the game all along.

Still, the number of changes coming at least speak to a development team listening to its user base. The biggest problem, the inability to edit players' appearances in Connected Careers, will be resolved with the patch. If you, like me, started your career without a facemask and then regretted that comical decision well, now you can give your running back some suitable protection.


As to that, you may now start an offline Connected Careers mode using a custom roster. That means that a roster with an entire team—or all 32 teams—playing without facemasks can now be used at the beginning of an offline career. Multiple players can also join an offline Connected Careers game once the patch lands.

See the link for all of the changes but, while they are welcome, the scope of this patch does make one wonder why this stuff wasn't included in the game to begin with.

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