Tuesday is Officially Ridiculous, Because There Is Yet Another Cool Game Coming Out Tomorrow

It is now official: October 9, 2012 is the new May 15, 2012. May 15 was the day we got Max Payne 3 and Diablo III. October 9? The world will receive Dishonored and X-COM: Enemy Unknown, both of which are incredible (see? see?). AND there will be a new episode of the acclaimed Walking Dead game.


Plus: Retro City Rampage, the love-letter to old arcade and Nintendo Entertainment System games, done in the style of top-down, original Grand Theft Auto will be out tomorrow for download to PlayStation 3, Vita, Steam and GoG (coming to other platforms later). The new launch trailer's above.


How can a gamer with good taste keep up?

Launch Trailer: Retro City Rampage on PS3, PS Vita Tuesday [PlayStation blog]

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Oh man! I want Dishonored soo bad! But i'm in the middle of moving to live by myself. I won't be able to afford buying new games in a while :( I think i'll have to wait to next years to get it!