Trying To Appeal To Japan, Game Changes Character Art

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To appeal to Japanese players, the Chinese-developed smartphone game Daikoukai Utopia Golden Age Voyage is getting new character art.


According to the game’s official Twitter, the character art is going to be switched out for designs mostly by the Japanese illustrator known as Cheese Pan (Cheese Bread). Forty characters already have new illustrations.


Here are some of Cheese Pan’s new character designs:

Below, you can see how the different art styles clash:


The game’s official site added that there are still characters who have yet to get makeovers and it will take a little longer to switch them all out.


Interestingly, some players in Japan complained about the change and said they preferred the original art. According to the game’s official Twitter, players will be able to select between both art styles.

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I wonder if the weeaboos constantly shouting about CENSORSHIP! and ARTISTIC INTEGRITY! when art is changed for export to Western countries will pipe up about this.