Trying Not to Vomit While Playing A Rollercoaster VR Game

It’s a well known fact that VR gives some people motion sickness. So what did the creators of Garry’s Mod and Rust decide to do? Build a rollercoaster game and name it after vomiting, obviously.


Here’s a video of me playing some of the game:

What it is: Chunks is a voxel (think Minecraft) sandbox game about building and riding rollercoasters. Designing ‘coasters is as simple as selecting a tool and painting on the air with your Vive controller, like Leonardo da Vinci in his little-known make-people-barf-and-then-laugh-at-them phase. If you want to create a loop, simply grab a track and twist. Chunks is pretty early in development, but already, it’s cleverly intuitive. That said, the menu system for selecting tools and maps is clunky and annoying. I imagine it will change with time.

When it comes to riding rollercoasters, your mileage will vary. If you’re prone to VR-induced motion sickness, this game will live up to its title and then some. If you’re not, though, it’s kind of strange. I’ve definitely experienced a lemon twist of adrenaline while thundering down tracks, but now that my body’s stopped expecting momentum, it’s significantly less exciting. I’ve also experienced some pretty serious eyestrain on tracks that go too fast. Oh, and never ever ever build a track that causes you to rock gently back-and-forth like a feather in a cool summer breeze. It’s the sickest I’ve ever felt from playing a video game.

On the upside, Chunks has built-in Steam Workshop support, allowing players to share additional tools and, of course, rollercoasters with each other. People haven’t contributed a ton yet, but there’s huge potential here. And in the meantime, Garry Newman himself made Bart Simpson’s head.

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