Try These New Comic Books This Week

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Time is tight, our comics guru Evan is out, but these are not good excuses for withholding out weekly comic book recommendations. I'm here, people! I'm here to swoop in and recommend a few comics that might be good.

Look, I haven't read these comics I'm suggesting you browse/read/buy. But I know some stuff about them. Here's what you want to consider checking out at a shop or downloading to a tablet:


Demon Knights #16 (DC) - Robert Vendetti, the writer behind the well-received revival of X-O Manowar takes over what is more or less DC's medieval version of the Justice League. Immortal savages, demons, swords and sorcery. It's always a good mix. Give the new guy a shot!

Threshold #1 (DC) - If you're like me, you love the writing of Keith Giffen (and don't mind that you're losing your hair). Giffen is one of comic's great writers of sci-fi super-heroes. In this new series, he's telling the story of (official summary...) "Jediah Caul, a disgraced Green Lantern [who is] stripped of his power ring, is hunted for sport on a televised reality show!" Wait. That sounds so generic. But it's Giffen. He of the best-written run of Legion of Super-Heroes ever and many other damn fine, under-appreciated comics (did you know that his Suicide Squad run was actually really good? No John Ostrander run, but still really good. Then again, I also loved his Reign of the Zodiac).

High Ways #1 (IDW) It's a new John Byrne series, written and drawn by the old master of 80s super-hero comics. What's the over/under on a scene of an old man romancing a very young woman? It's a Byrne favorite as he gets older. Creepy! Hopefully not in this series, which is about sci-fi space truckers of sorts. Bring back that Fantastic Four/Superman-era magic, Mr. Byrne! I know you have it in you.

Saga #9 (Image) I shouldn't have to explain this. You should already be reading Saga.

Dardevil #22 (Marvel) See Saga, with the added note/caveat that this guest stars the notorious "Superior Spider-Man,

See the rest of this week's new releases, via Midtown Comics' ever-helpful website.


So 3 major Judge Dredd storylines wrapped up rather recently.

After the Day of Chaos where pretty much 80% of Megacity One's population was killed.

The Cold Deck had a fantastic buildup of 3 different characters within the Dredd universe having stories that interconnected to the finale.

Unfortunately the finally was kind of a Deus Ex moment which forced hypnosis (I'll let this slide cause it's the future) and a character who supposedly existed for the last 20 years since the reign of Judge Cal but is introduced to us the same issue he solved everything (which brings some bad retconning into the timeline)

Anyway good for the ride, lackluster ending. A bit like Mass Effect 3 in a way actually.