Are you craving a bacon-pregnant burger from Wendy's, or one of Taco Bell's countless variations of the same couple of ingredients? Why not have both?


It's so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when determining which terrible yet cheap-and-tasty fast food to put in your mouth. We look at each individual restaurant as a separate choice — should we go to McDonald's or Burger King? What we need to remember is we can go to McDonald's AND Burger King.

There is no shame in this, and if there is we can always hide the first restaurant's bag under the front seat before pulling up to the second drive-thru.


Of the creations showcased in BuzzFeed's video, I have only tried the churro/Frosty combo, but I've made plans — such plans have I made.

What fast food mash-ups would you recommend to your friends? Your enemies?

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