Try a Game That's Basically The Barrel Parts of Donkey Kong Country

No running. No jumping. No minecarts. Some developers in Uruguay have been making a game called Bullet Boy that seems to be exclusively based on the barrel levels of Donkey Kong Country (perhaps the most fun parts of those games?).


Don't settle for a trailer. You can play a short demo in your web browser. Right at this link.

The guys at Pomelo Games tell me that they're aiming for a mobile release—iOS and Android—for July or August. They'd like to do a PC or console version, too. You can find out more at their dev blog or hang out on their Facebook page.


I think their demo "trailer" is fun, has good art and shows a ton of potential. I hope you enjoy it, too. It takes all of three minutes to play through. Have at it!

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Disney put out a game based on a similar concept for mobile a while back, called Puffle Launch.

It got old, fast — the reason why Donkey Country is fun is because it varies up the gameplay often, and the platforming is tough but rewarding. Isolating one feature from among a number of gameplay elements of another good game does not necessarily result in a good game; quite the opposite, in fact.