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Trumpet Hero Mod Makes Rhythm Games Brassier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you've ever had the thought "I wish my Guitar Hero controller had a working spit valve" this is the hardware mod for you. The Trumpet Hero hack will give you that genuine mouth-on experience.

Does it work? Apparently it does, as the device will be playable at the Tangible Tech Exhibition in San Francisco tomorrow, March 19th. Mapped onto the trumpet are all five Guitar Hero controller buttons, with the red, green and yellow played with the right hand, blue and orange with the left.


It even has a working "whammy bar," thanks to that mute plunger in the front. For a control-by-control map, read on.


Attention Trumpet Hero mod-makers: the band Chicago may be interested in acquiring your technology. Just a heads up.

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