I just finished watching Tropic Thunder, not a laugh out loud movie but packed full of giggles. Robert Downey Jr. totally steals the show. He's quickly becoming my favorite actor. But on to my point. I couldn't help but notice two fairly large nods to gaming and one relatively sly one in the movie. First and foremost are the two scenes with Ben Stiller talking to his agent. In both scenes, the agent, played by Matthew McConaughey, is wailing away at different mini-games in Wii Sports while talking on the phone with Stiller. He's playing on a pretty large screen in his office so there's no way you can miss it, so let's chalk that up as product placement. Next comes this odd dialog that occurs about a third of the way through the movie with one of the characters trying to explain why Blu-ray won in the format war. His answer? Porn and video games. Porn backed it and Sony backed it with their... but he never quite says PlayStation 3. Finally, and this one is just odd, during the credits they show a bit player, a non-speaking part mind you, and when his name pops up it does so on a background riddled with old-school Space Invaders. Invader invades Tropic Thunder? Hells yeah! Update: Nintendo tells me that the Wii Sports in the movie was indeed the product of some sort of deal between Nintendo and the movie studio.