Trophy Support Coming To Fallout 3 PS3

PlayStation 3-owning Fallout fans were a bit dismayed back in September when Bethesda's Pete Hines revealed that there were no plans to include trophy support for the game at launch, if at all. Between that and the PS3 version turning out to be the special screwed-up edition of the game, Sony owners were definitely not feeling the love, but relief is in sight! Speaking during one of Eurogamer's always informative Live Chat sessions, Hines confirmed that trophy support for the title was definitely on the way, although he didn't have an exact ETA. Considering the amount of choice available to Fallout 3 players, I wouldn't worry about having to go back through and play again..I've already completed two more games since my review last week. While there is still no news on console fixes, the PC version will be getting a patch today to deal with some PC-specific issues. Hopefully they'll take care of the dreadful V.A.T.S. slowdown I've been experiencing on the platform. Fingers crossed. Fallout 3 PC to get patch "later today" [Eurogamer]


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