Tron: The Video Game Inspires Tron: The Silly Exercise

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In what appears to be a publicity stunt (it's working, Disney!), a London gym is offering an exercise class based on the new Tron Evolution video game. The name of this class? "Tronjitsu".

Apparently, the class is "heavily influenced by the free running and martial arts movements featured in the video game". The exercise was invented by celebrity fitness trainer Troy Dureh and aims to increase cardiovascular fitness.

The sixty minute classes are set to the Daft Punk's Derezzed and replica "Light Discs" are used. You call them replica "Light Discs", I call them yellow plastic wheels.


The new Tron flick, Tron: Legacy, also inspired another movie that features copious amounts centuries old exercise known as "fucking". And it doesn't require a plastic yellow wheel. Well, not usually!


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