Tron-ify Your Team Fortress 2 With Custom Skins, User

Kotaku reader "chandan1014" is taking his entry in last week's Kotaku 'Shop Contest to the next level. Now you can enjoy a Tron-ified Team Fortress 2, thanks to this Tron: Legacy-inspired skin pack.


The first release of sleek black, blue and orange Team Fortress 2 skins contains "Tronified skins for all nine classes for both the teams," but only classes, Chandan says. No "buildings, weapons or non-stock hats."


"The next release will probably have them," the creator writes, something we're holding him to! It's probably too much to ask for custom identity discs...

Check out the new outfits in action in videos above and below. If you're inspired, grab them from Chandan's Team Fortress 2: Tron site.

Team Fortress 2: Tron [Official Site]

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Michael Louisseize

AKA the easiest textures to make. :|