Tron Disney Stage Show Seems Likely

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Disney is making Tron: Legacy. Disney owns Disneyland. Know what that means?

According to website Stitch Kingdom, Disneyland's California Adventure is hosting auditions for a new nighttime show in honor of the upcoming Tron flick. Tentatively titled "ElecTRONica", the auditions is calling for male and female hip-hop dancers to perform on outside stages in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot and main entrance. Stitch Kingdom says that experience with martial arts is viewed as a plus.


Knocking out a stage show is something that Disney can do much faster than creating a new attraction. "These rides take a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of thinking to do them at the level our Imagineers so brilliantly do," Tron: Legacy producer Sean Bailey told website Slash Film. "So I think it's kind of in the thinking about stage, but man, I would love it if it became a reality one day."

Above, the monorail at Disney World in Orlando gets skinned for Tron: Legacy.

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A while ago, I would have sighed at this, but after seeing some of their recent shows, the Finding Nemo Musical most recently, I'm give anything they put out a chance.