Trivialize an Anti-Gay Riot With This Bizarre Facebook Game

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Two weeks ago, priests in Georgia (the former Russian state independent republic, not the US state) led a mob that attacked about 50 gay rights demonstrators, hurling rocks and, if this YouTube video is an indication, swinging furniture. Someone's cooked up a nearly unplayable side-scroller lampooning the chaos.


This is Call of Taburetka, the latter word meaning 'stool,' which is what a black-robed priest from the Georgian Orthodox church was swinging as the mob descended on the marchers, ending the rally before it could begin. The game's creator, on its Facebook page, insist that the game is not homophobic. "Dear friends, this game it not anti-gay. it just describes what happened on May 17," he says in one post. "i wanna say that this game isn't anti-gay this is for funny," he says in another.

I suppose I could believe that if the satire involved is how idiotically uncontrollable the priest is, and how he always fails his mission within about 10 seconds of beginning a game, exploding into what looks like a fart cloud. People are lobbying Facebook to take down the page as a violation of its anti-hate speech policies. Assuming it's not taken offline altogether, the game's creators are considering "disabl[ing] this game for foreigners because they can't understand meaning of this game."


Fend Off LGBT Activists in ‘Call of Taburetka’ [Gay Gamer]

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This is just messed up. I'm saddened my children would think this is what I want. Love your fellow man too hard to comprehend?