Trine Now In Convenient PC Demo Form

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While we've still got a bit of a wait before Trine comes out on the PlayStation Network, we can play the PC version right now, courtesy of the recently released playable demo.


The demo comes by way of SouthPeak Interactive, who've picked up the PC publishing rights for Frozenbyte and Nobilis' 2D platforming physics-fest in North America. A mere 461MB worth of downloading now stands between you and a magical journey through a troubled kingdom, swapping between a wizard, warrior, and thief, each bound together by a mystical artifact known as the Trine, n order to traverse the various obstacles placed in your path.

Check out our previouse Trine stories to see if the game might be worth your while. I'm not here to bury it or praise it...just to give you a link. Here:


Trine PC Demo [GameTap - Thanks Cloudst69!]

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This is great news for me. Trine is a system seller to me, but the news of a PC version mean I can hold out for a future PS3 price drop. I think it looks amazing, and the couple of puzzles I've seen made it look like an interesting and fun platformer which are all too rare of late. I really hope Braid, this, and Shadow Complex are the start of a trend back toward 2-D gameplay.