Trine Micro-Review: The Fat Knight

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Trine has been out for a while now on PC. But with the game's PSN release imminent, let's take a second look at it, see what all the fuss is about.


Trine is a 2D platformer built on a 3D engine, where you're able to switch simultaneously between three characters: a fighter, a thief, and a magician. The fighter fights, the thief swings, the wizard can make stuff move around. To complete the game, you're confronted with, yes, levels that require you to switch between the three for fighting, swinging and puzzles.


Mix and Match – There's nothing new about Trine. What it does best is take great, pioneering mechanics from elsewhere – like Bionic Commando's grappling arm, Prince of Persia's deceptively involving combat and LittleBigPlanet's gravity puzzles – and throw them at you throughout levels, getting the balance just right.

AAA – In many ways, particularly in its colourful visuals and cunning level design, Trine feels like the work of a large studio working on a proper retail title, rather than a small team based out of Finland. It often looks, plays and – as far as the music is concerned - sounds that good.


CCC – Sadly, the game lets its guard down here and there, with repetitive enemies and poor writing (and voice work) occasionally popping up to sour things on the presentation side of things.

Like Bionic Commando: Rearmed and the more recent Shadow Complex, Trine shows that there's plenty of life left in 2D sidescrollers when a little imagination and creativity is applied.

Trine was developed by Frozenbyte, and published by SouthPeak and Nobilis. Released on PC on July 3 (version reviewed), PlayStation Network on September 17. Played singleplayer game to completion, tested co-op mode.


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So should I get this or shadow complex? And isn't shadow complex cheaper?