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Tricia Helfer has about two months to work on her speech, because she's the latest in the keynote lineup for NVIDIA's visual computing conference in San Jose in late August. And, being a hot former-supermodel-turned-actress and all, she had better come up with something good or I expect all the geeks fanboys industry luminaries in attendance will say, in unision, "NOT NEWS," and get up and leave or something. Happens to me all the time, and I'm stunning.


Helfer, a former supermodel and now an actress, is "Number Six" on "Battlestar Galactica" and was also General Kilian Qatar in Command and Conquer 3. So, she's got the chops to talk to gamers and sci-fi fans on their level. But I'm sure they'd listen to her read a phone book, too. Fortunately, she'll be giving a perspective on "how advancements in visual computing are impacting the entertainment industry," according to an NVIDIA release.

Attendees of NVISION, the conference, may also meet Tricia at the NVISION 08 GeForce LAN event - where attendees bringing their own computer can participate in the attempt on a Guinness World Record by playing PC games non-stop for three straight days. There will also be a Girl Gamer Zone "dedicated to all female gamers who wish to play together and support female gaming."


The conference is in San Jose from Aug. 25 to 27. I'll try to infiltrate the Girl Gamer Zone. I'm a former San Josean so, I know every local custom, can speak their language, blend in, just like Marcus Brody. I might also need some phone numbers for fact checking later, you know.


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