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Tricell Invites You To The Resident Evil 5 PC Launch Party

Illustration for article titled Tricell Invites You To The Resident Evil 5 PC Launch Party

Capcom, Intel, and Tricell Pharmaceutical Corporation invite PAX attendees to join them in celebrating the launch of Resident Evil 5 for the PC with a night of "games, fun and horror."


Resident Evil 5 PC will have a big presence at this year's Penny Arcade Expo, and fans that stop by Capcom's booth (#670) to check out the game on Friday have a chance at attending Saturday night's launch party at the Showbox at the Market in downtown Seattle. Each day, Capcom will be giving out 250 wristbands that grant access to the venue. What can 500 Resident Evil fans expect at the event?

"Tri-Cell Corporation and Intel celebrate the launch of RE5 PC. As the exclusive guest of CEO Excella Gionne you will be treated to a night of games, fun and horror. Make sure to pick up your Tri-Cell employee badge at the event and don't forget your RE5 snow globe when you leave. As a show of appreciation Tri-Cell and Intel will be raffling off 5 Core i7 CPU's and copies of RE5 PC. Let's make this Tri-Cell's best year EVER!!"


Of course Tricell Corporation is the fiction pharmaceutical firm featured in the game, so aside from food, drinks, and a raffle, expect plenty of LARPing.

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