Tribes: Ascend's "Llama Island" Trailer Is Heartbreakingly Familiar

Tribes: Ascend officially launches on April 12, a day when llamas will rain from the sky, filling multiplayer maps with fresh corpses until they're nothing but islands of dead... oh! See what they did there?

For those of you confused about llamas (we've all been there?), that's what we call a Tribes player that rushes the enemy flag endlessly with no regard for tactics or strategy, keeping the flag from the hands of players that could actually do something with it like, oh, score a capture. It's pretty much the Tribes equivalent of newbie, used to celebrate many different stupid occasions.


I subscribe to an entirely different definition of the word myself.

Now everybody dubstep!

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Okay. I've never played Tribes. I have been a big fan of Halo and the freedom of movement in Halo: Reach. I also have been a fan of large scale objective gametypes, specifically. This makes Tribes Ascend look very interesting to me. Of course, I also enjoy other shooters, but the "arcade" style and free-moving, wide skill range, physics based multiplayer is what I tend to keep coming back to.

Anything I should know before just jumping into this? Based on the trailers I think I will really enjoy this but could I get a word from someone who has played both?