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Trials Evolution's Two Best Tracks Will Abuse You With Insane Plunges and Tricky Jumps

How much of a difference does it make for Trials Evolution to have tracks set in the great outdoors? A whole bunch. As great as the tracks in Trials HD were, Evolution's levels open up a whole new plateau of vertigo and surprise. Here, you'll see two of my favorites, Roller Coaster and Sewage Plant.

On the first, I manage to notch my best time yet and on the second, I struggle a bit more. With each track, you'll see the finicky demanding physics of the game at work. Controlling your weight and momentum in Evolution is maddening but deliver some thrilling moments when you least expect it. You should really play it.


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these tracks seem to be much smoother than the tracks in Trials HD. Especially the later tracks were a lot of fiddling and trying on extremely narrow spaces, which wasn't much fun. Is this the same in the later laves in Trials Evoltion or do they stay "smooth" and fast paced?