Trials Evolution's Crazy-Deep Customization Features Pinball, Helicopters and... First-Person Shooting?

This trailer for Trials Evolution twists the Darwinian motto into "Survival of the fastest," and truly it does seem that the spring-bound sequel will be a more sophisticated beast.


Local and online multiplayer, diverse settings, and a track editor scarily reminiscent of the possibilities unleashed by Little Big Planet… well, that all sounds pretty cool.



RedLynx is dead to me. telling PC gamers that they couldnt add a level editor, the most requested feature in Trials 2. telling PC gamers we would have to wait for Trials 3. then they completely abandoned the PC market, the people who bought their game in the first place, for the console market. its a common tale these days, sadly.

its not that i dont want them to make console games. its great console gamers get to play Trials. Trials 2 was amazing. everyone should share in that. the problem is they kept dangling this carrot over fans. getting our hopes up. instead of delivering, they just walked away. its a douche move. i wonder what way they will come up with to dick over the 360 audience. only time will tell.