Yesterday, we reported on Activision's plans to "monetise" the Call of Duty franchise, starting with "Day 1 Advantage" DLC for Call of Duty: World At War. People were not impressed. Today developers Treyarch have responded to the people, assuring them (you? us?) that things aren't anywhere near as nefarious as they sound. Day 1 Advantage is a promotion that Activision is running with GameStop, where pre-order customers will get a high-level gun without having to unlock it, while anyone picking up the collector's edition will get an exclusive SMG. Giving both of them, yes, a day 1 advantage. They also made clear there would be no Day-1 DLC offered for the game, despite yesterday's claims by Activision that there'd be "two-tiered" DLC for sale. Sounds like Activision's suits need to brush up a little on both their details and terminology. Developer Blog - There is NO Day 1 DLC [Call Of Duty]