Trey Parker On DLC: ‘F--- That’

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The co-creator of South Park has some strong words for anyone who wants him to turn cut content into downloadable content.


Trey Parker, speaking last night at a Comic Con panel (as reported by Polygon), said that, inspired by Skyrim, he and partner Matt Stone wrote some 850 pages worth of material for the upcoming RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth. That wasn't gonna work. When he and the development team at Obsidian plotted out just how they'd turn that material into a game, they wound up slating the final project for, as Parker joked, "holiday season 2032."

"Everyone kept saying to us [make that extra content] DLC," Parker said, to jeers. "And I agree... fuck that."

So instead of turning it into DLC, Parker said they'll likely use the cut material for the show. The Stick of Truth, meanwhile, is slated for this holiday season. Parker said it takes inspiration from games like the aforementioned Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda, and the recently-re-released cult classic Earthbound. And it looks amazing so far.



Refusing to cut content to make it DLC = Good.
Refusing to make already cut content DLC = Bad..