Tretton Says No 360 Final Fantasy XIII Coming to Japan

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Microsoft's announcement of an Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII wasn't a surprise to SCEA head Jack Tretton, but it was a disappointment.


"Am I disappointed by it? Yes," he said at a recent meeting with game writers. "Am I surprised? No."


The loss of such a prestigious exclusive wasn't probably unavailable in the current state of the games industry, he added.

"It's going to be harder and harder to hold on to franchises," he said, adding that Final Fantasy XIII will remain a Playstation exclusive in Japan.

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jack, you're strong.

I still believe MS paid Square enix, it's pretty obvious. I'm surprised no one questions the fact that The Last Remnant is a timed exclusive because Square had claims to trouble with unreal engine on ps3 and then have FFXIII on PS3 to be release at the same time as 360 in the us/europe pretty much shows that they are favoring m$ for money/whatever reason.

If Square Enix is done with a game, they should release it.

If they had plan to release it on 360 from the start, it wouldn't be so bad. It's the fact that square has been announcing FFXIII as PS3 exclusive for years and giving specs about utilizing ps3's potential and now it is something that has to be equal to xbox360. Like many multiplatform games, developer never get to program the game to make it best suitable for a single console.