Final Fantasy XIII Coming To Xbox 360

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Click to view Breaking news from the Microsoft E3 2008 press conference. Square Enix head honcho Yoichi Wada took the stage to announce Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360.


Yes, just take a moment to soak that up. Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360. Holy fucking shit. Simultaneous release in Europe and North America with PS3. Wow.

More info is being revealed during Ashcraft's liveblog of the Square Enix press conference.



This is definately very surprising news, but I wonder if microsoft really did have to push its check book around for this one. I don't see it as too good a business move if they had to spend millions on it. I mean sure, It is going to drastically change the expected sales of the PS3 console due to the game, but I don't see it doing much for the 360's sales all that much. It just leaves both consoles in the same place they were without the game. I think this may have been more of a decision on SE's part, once they got the White engine working on the 360, they realized that a port was just easy money. If I am right, versus will have the same fate.

Of course, I prefer to just believe that Microsoft is spending billions of dollars screwing with JRPG's and their fans giving me another reason to hate the company :P.