Trekking to Penny Arcade Expo

Let me start by saying that, yes, I do know that each year massive groups of die-hard Penny-Arcade fans band together to drive through the day and night to get to the expo. In fact, the Cross-Country Super Trip was one of the inspirations for my decision to drive instead of fly to Penny Arcade Expo this year.

There are two reasons I'm not joining the CCST: I'm going with my wife and son and neither are big fans of overnight drives. Also, while I could detour to meet up with one of the groups, none of them come through Colorado. I know, I suck.


I'm still working out the details for my own drive, but this is what I'm thinking:

My plan is for us to take two days to get to Seattle, mostly because we like to sleep in a hotel. I think I'll be leaving the morning of August 27 and driving about halfway (which will put us somewhere in Idaho, probably near Heyburn). Then the next day we'll drive the rest of the way to Seattle. That's two 10 hour or so drives.

If there is any interest in joining up with us in your own vehicles I can set up meeting locations or routes so we can stick together. I see this drive as sort of a test run. If enough Kotaku readers plan on driving and like the idea of traveling together, we may expand this next year and even have someone (coughfaheycough) drive from the East Coast and meet up with me in Colorado and then carry on to Seattle. In fact, I've even had some gaming companies offer to set up pit stops in parking lots with food and maybe even games.

But before we get to that point I want to do a dry run. So is there anyone interested in joining us on this short trip this year?

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