Starcraft is big in Korea, but for some it can be too big, and they develope a serious addiction to the game. Ah well. Nothing some hard drugs can't cure!


A study at the Department of Psychiatry at Chung Ang University has found that those "suffering" from a video game addiction - in this particular case, Starcraft - can be treated with heavy doses of Bupropion, which while being a potent antidepressant is also used in attempts to wean people off cigarettes.

Eleven Starcraft addicts were selected as a sample group, and after six weeks of treatment their desire to play the game had gone down by 23.6%, while the total amount of time they'd spent playing the game had gone down by 35.5%.

Impressive results, but let's see how it performs on Advance Wars and World of Warcraft before breaking out the champagne.

Treating Starcraft addiction with antidepressants [Wired]

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