Trauma Team Gameplay Trailer Has Great Hair, Better Premise

You've never seen motion controlled surgery on the Wii this dramatic or with costumes and hair quite this fashionable. And you may not yet have seen what Atlus' Trauma Team has to offer new and veteran Trauma Center fans.

This first gameplay video of Trauma Team clearly lays out the "major enhancements" made to the series that will ensure, in Atlus' own words, that the Wii game will be "the definitive medical drama experience." Even if it doesn't, the draw of playing a nameless convicted felon serving a 250 year-long sentence—and committed to performing surgical community service, apparently—will have us reconsidering just what the definition of "definitive" really is.


Trauma Team is supposed to hit North America on April 20, 2010. But this is Atlus, so we'll take that as a strong suggestion, not a rock hard release date.

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Sounds cool, but they kept some of the things that bothered me about the other games, namely the magic syringe that raises their vitals, and an incredibly hard to use defibrillator. We have a defibrillator in our office that works automatically... no timing bull**