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Transformers On Wii Warrants A Name Change, Apparently

Systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be getting a good-looking Transformers game soon called "War For Cybertron". That same game is headed for the Wii, but when it hits Nintendo's console, the name won't be so combative.

No, when the game's released on Wii, it'll be called "Transformers: Cybertron Adventures". It's the same game, mind you, only this time the brutal combat is not a war, it is merely an adventure. A soiree, if you will. A jaunt.

Sounds stupid, but look on the bright side: maybe at the end of the year Wii owners can look forward to Call of Duty: Summer Holiday Activity Centre.


Activision contacted us to let us know that while the Wii game is based in the same universe and follows the same general storyline, it will be a different game built specifically for Nintendo's console.

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