Transformers Mobile Transforms into Transformers Legends in Time for PAX Prime

Announced earlier this month as Transformers Mobile, Transformers Legends is a card battler for mobile devices featuring first-generation Autobots and Decepticons. Sold. Wait, it's free? Fine, I'll buy two.

Mobage will be at the North Hall near Exhibitor Registration during PAX Prime this weekend, which seems like an appropriate place for players to get their first hands-on with the soon-to-be-released iOS and Android Transformers game, what with Optimus Prime's original handle being Orion Pax and all. It's all connected, you see, into a giant robot.


Our own Tina Amini, Jason Schreier and Kirk Hamilton are in Seattle as we speak, no doubt camping outside of Mobage's booth to be the first to play the game when the show kicks off tomorrow. No doubt at all.

Okay, a little doubt. They would be if they really loved me.



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