The recent introduction of the Dinobots to Transformers: Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer seems to have been a rousing success. Now comes the time of the Insecticons.

The Insecticons downloadable content hits later today, adding Shockwave's big bad bugs to the online battle. High Moon has morphed the mechanical critters so they fit into the four established classes, so they won't be any more powerful than regular multiplayer characters, but I don't know โ€” there's an intimidation factor there that someone that really hates bugs can't avoid.

Not a big bug fan here.

To usher in the Insecticon swarm, High Moon Studios senior creative director Dave Cravens answers questions you might have been asking in this informative and entertaining Q&A.

And remember, they aren't in our way โ€” they're our way in.

1. Who are the Insecticons?

They're these super creepy Decepticons that normally hang out beneath Cybertron's surface and feed off the core. Since the planet's core has shut down they've begun to surface looking for energy. Shockwave discovered them and began to experiment and dissect the Instecticons to create even more horrific creatures to be used against the Autobots. Shockwave believes the majority of Insecticons are distant clones from the originals, of which he has found three: Hardshell, Sharpshot and Kickback. That's how our story goes, which Hasbro was a big fan of and has instituted as part of their new canon.


2. How do they fit in with the single player story?

In Fall of Cybertron, the Insecticons are the ones to first take down Grimlock and his team-overwhelming them by sheer numbers. This allows Shockwave to capture them and ultimately transform Grimlock and his buds into the Dinobots we all know and love today.

3. What made High Moon decide to put them into Multiplayer?

We thought it would be cool, and the Dinobot DLC needed a Decepticon foil. Once we figured out how to do the Dinobot DLC, the Insecticons were the next logical step. It's like a two-step. You ever two-step? Does anyone anymore? Ballroom dancing is a lost art, Kotaku.


4. Why weren't they in the original game โ€“ why are they DLC?

A lot of the DLC stuff came on very late in the project. These are often ideas one hopes for, but never know if you're truly going to have the time to do it until you've taken care of all the other priorities first. Dinobots and Insecticons were critical for the single player game, so they were originally built to fulfill that need. Sure, they'd be cool for multiplayer, but first we had to make certain that the core multiplayer experience was as tight as it could be. Once all the dust settled, the team busted ass to see if the Dinobots and Insecticons could work in multiplayer. This is easier said than done. Sure, they're essentially fitting into the existing classes, but there's a lot of work that goes in making certain all the parts are interchangeable for the customization, that the animations hook up, and of course that the speed at which a player controls them fits smoothly into the multiplayer experience and looks cool. I'm happy to say the team pulled it off.

5. Did they present unique gameplay challenges in terms of their "vehicle types" and weapons?


Again, we decided to place them in existing classes so as not to upset the carefully crafted balance we have going on in multiplayer. The last thing we want is any new character being so powerful that no one can take him, that sort of thing. That said, it's pretty cool to see the Insecticons crawling and flying around and raising hell in a multiplayer match.

6. What has been the fan reaction to the Dinobots so far, and how do you think they'll like playing as the Insecticons?

If you jumped into a match right now, you'd probably see 65% of the people playing as a Dinobot. It's pretty cool, and almost a reason in of itself to buy Fall of Cybertron. Of course there are so many MORE reasons to buy it, like it's a fantastic story, it's the best Transformers gave EVER, etc. etc.. I think come tomorrow you'll see 50% Dinos and 50% Insecticons tearing each other part. It will be EPIC.