Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC's Got Problems. High Moon Has Solutions (in the Works)

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The single-player portion of the PC version of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is pretty great, capturing all of the action and adventure of the console versions aptly. The online multiplayer, on the other hand, isn't so hot. High Moon and friends are working to make it better.


Connecting to multiplayer is hard. Getting together with your friends is tough. Staying with your friends is tough. It's as if the Xbox 360 architecture, which limits the number of people that one can have on their friends list, made it into the PC version, and if friends aren't on your list, good luck playing with them. Others report sound issues, missing animations, and various other problems that occur when you hop on the PC train as late as Fall of Cybertron did.

After a little poking about at the behest of fans like Twitter's GaemOevr, Activision passed along the following statement, also posted on High Moon Studios' blog.

Activision and High Moon Studios are firmly dedicated to providing a fun multiplayer experience in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. We've seen some concerns from PC fans about the online experience and have been working hard with internal and external teams to address any issues. These actions include the following:

· Near launch date, we caught and immediately fixed a bug that dealt with PC host migration.

· High Moon recently released a patch for the console versions of the game that included a number of small changes to the dynamic gameplay balancing and tuning, and these changes are currently being tested for the PC. We are working hard to get this finished for PC gamers in the next week.

· We are also monitoring the support web site very closely here:…. Any users who have additional inquiries should visit this link and rest assured that we are looking at all user comments and questions.

Well thank goodness they caught that bug in the PC migration — around the time of launch. Not actually a good sign, but as long as they're working to make it better and not say, giving up and hiding (War for Cybertron), then we're on the right track.



I got news for you - the single player portion isn't so hot on the PC either. That craptastic console port runs like a snail on a salt-lick on my machine and the motion graphics of the UI/HUD sure look pretty but often drops my frame rate by 20 FPS at times. Talk about a poorly optimized port to the PC. It's as if they didn't even bother trying to get it to work on a PC and just used the Xbox 360 build when they shoved it out the door.