Track: The Great Chain Of Being | Artist: King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard | Album: Gumboot Soup

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Probably their best album of the year. Gumboot Shoe is a collection of songs that didn’t quite fit into any of Gizz’s 4 other albums in 2017. Instead of just tossing the tracks out as B-sides, Gizz kept tweaking and polishing each one until they were up to the same caliber as their other work. You can tell that Great Chain of Being was supposed to be on either Polygondwanaland or Murder on the Universe, but it shines here in this odd medley.

I’d recommend taking the whole album for a spin because there isn’t really a weak song on here, but other fantastic songs in my opinion are Muddy Water, Beginner’s Luck, and I’m Sleepin’ In.