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Toyota Made the Largest UFO Catcher on Earth

UFO Catchera are Sega redemption games. Arcade punters operate a claw and attempt to pull out prizes that range from stuffed animals to instant noodle. Sega didn't make this particular UFO Catcher. Toyota did.


The 8-ton, 29-foot-tall and 39-foot-wide UFO Catcher appeared in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills over the weekend as part of a promotion for the Toyota's Ractis compact car.

Previously, the largest crane game in the world was created in San Diego in 2004. Toyota's UFO Catcher was nearly twice as large.


Check out the jumbo sized stuffed animals and then wonder how the hell you get something like that home. Not in a Ractis, that's how.

クレーンもぬいぐるみもデカイ!! とにかくデカイすぎる [RocketNews via Arcade Heroes]

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It's a shame that this is what my taxes are going to. Only in America.