Toy Time Plays With The First Batch Of Skylanders: Imaginators Figures

Skylanders: Imaginators puts a lot of stock in letting players create their own characters, but they’re only half the battle. The new sensei characters are here to guide freshly-crafted Skylanders on their way. We’ve got the first 17 or so, plus one of the special 3D printed figures. Check them out!

Sensei characters serve several important roles in the Skylanders: Imaginators game. For one, sensei characters unlock a special power for created characters in the same battle class—archer, ninja, sorcerer and so on. Secondly, sensei characters raise the level cap of created Skylanders by one. Mine started with a cap of 15, and now they can level up to 31.


Note that there are no areas in the main story that are blocked off by elemental, battle class or sensei roles. You can play through the entire main campaign with a single created character, without worrying about running into hidden areas.

Many of the new sensei figures are villains getting their first shot at toydom.

Retailing for $14.99, sensei characters are larger than your average Skylander toy, which generally means they’re a bit more detailed. They come packaged in boxes this time around instead of bubbles, so they’re much more collector friendly.

Check out the video up top for a look at all of the launch figures, including this dynamic duo from the PlayStation 3 and 4 starter sets.

Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex, together again. Crash unlocks a special themed level within the game.

Here are a few favorites, starting with the very best, Chopscotch.

Going to die.

With her adorable axe, purple ponytail and ability to toss her own skull about as a projectile, Chopscotch is sure to be a hit with the cool kids. Note that her figure unlocks the topknot hairstyle for created Skylanders.

‘Almost Barbarella.

My wife’s favorite is Barbella, the golden pixie-haired warrior. I love her translucent plastic. The wife loves the hair. Soon she will come home one day with her head dyed gold, and it will be Toys for Bob’s fault.

Finally we have Tri-Tip, which is the best name for a triceratops ever.

Yes, even better than Terry.

The figures in the video represent all of the first wave and a few of the second. It’s a lot of toys to worry about picking up. I wouldn’t worry about collecting all of them just yet. Just grab some of these and go to town:


Creation crystals are the key to creating characters in Skylanders: Imaginators. They define the elemental affinity, then the player selects a battle class (and only one—the decision is permanent). From there the sky and the number of parts you’ve unlocked in-game) is the limit. Behold Bird Kirkilton!


Now if I wanted, I could chirp Bird Kirkilton over to the Skylanders Creator app on iOS and Android, where I could have a custom playable trading card, t-shirt or 3D printed figure made. Activision passed along a 3D printed figure of the game’s creation mascot, Sir Hoodinton.

They also sent along a t-shirt, which I misplaced, and a card, which I dropped at the airport yesterday.

He looks nice. A bit blurry, as sandstone printed figures can be, but not too shabby. The base beneath his protective plastic dome acts as a Skylander, allowing the 3D printed Sir Hoodington the ability to come play in my game.


The only problem with the 3D printed toys is making sure you capture your created character at the right point. I’ve been playing the game for several days, and I keep unlocking new parts and changing what I once thought were perfect designs. Make sure you love your look before pulling that trigger.

Skylanders: Imaginators launches on Sunday, October 16. Look for our full review of the game sometime between now and then.

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