Who says a movie tie-in can't be innovative and exciting? Toy Story 3's build-your-own-adventure Toy Box mode could wind up the most entertaining thing to come of a movie video game since we started putting moving pictures to pixels.

When Disney Interactive first revealed the Toy Box mode developer Avalanche Software was creating for the Toy Story 3 video game, I was intrigued. The Toy Story film franchise has always touched on the joy and wonder lurking inside a child's toy box, but the games haven't really let us play with the toys in a way that conveys such nostalgic feelings. Giving players the ability to open up the toy box and create their own adventures using the treasures they find seemed like a wonderful way to bring that feeling to kids of all ages.


Now that I've seen it in motion, I'm actively looking forward to the June release of the game. I'm a 36-year-old man, and I'm excited about a Toy Story video game. Either there is something seriously wrong with me, or Avalanche is onto something good here.

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