Toy Soldiers: Cold War Adds Co-Op And... Is That Rambo?

We here at Kotaku loved the first Toy Soldiers, a downloadable Xbox 360 tower defense game set during World War I. The new one, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, is debuting at PAX East in Boston, where I saw it on Saturday. It looks like a fantastic upgrade.


The game's creators at Signal Studios have added split-screen co-op, a rewind option, Soviets for Americans to fight and special super moves like nukes. Plus: a certain shirtless guy who runs around with an RPG launcher and an M60.


No complaints here!

The plan is for the game to be out some time this year for Xbox Live Arcade. The video here will tell you everything else you need to know.

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awww this makes me miss fighting in a bathroom setting with green plastic soldiers... where are my house cat boss fights and toy car vehicle rail shooter sections?

there needs to be a revival of the old toy soldier games... I think it was sarge's plastic heroes? can't remember... I do remember having a blast though... in a bathroom and kitchen... haha