Towns, Blocks, and Treasure Hunters Round Out This Indie Royale Bundle

You can now download the "Indie Royale Alpha Collection," one of those lovely cheap indie bundles that gets you a bunch of games at a decent price.

This one features three games: Towns, a city-building game in the vein of Dungeon Keeper or Dwarf Fortress; 3079, a sci-fi first-person "lovechild of Minecraft and Fallout; and Wyv and Keep: the Temple of the Lost Idol (pictured above), a co-op puzzle platformer that claims to be a more fiendish version of Blizzard's old Lost Vikings games.


The minimum price is $5, but the Indie Royale folks recommend you send over $10. Which is $3.33~ per game. Not bad!

Indie Royale Alpha Collection [Indie Royale]

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