Tourists Face Off Against Museum Guards in a Great-Looking Party Game

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It's an epic duel of wits between the curious photographer and the protective museum guard, decided using camera flashbangs and banana peels.


No Photos, Please! popped up recently on Steam's Greenlight, promising an entertaining party game with local (and planned online) two-player multiplayer. It's a stealth game taking place in a museum, basically. Take a look:

The game consists of two-minute matches in which two players take on two roles: the photographer and the guard. The photographer's task is to take a photo of each museum exhibit by moving next to it, while the guard has to take the photographer into custody before he succeeds.

Effective gadget use and the ability conceal yourself within the crowd are both very important factors here—but you also need to be careful not to get lost. Lots of really similar-looking people in the crowd.

The game is slated to come out mid-2014, on Steam if all goes well. Here's hoping.

No Photos, Please! [Steam Greenlight]

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Stealth PvP and couch co-op, kick ass. I could definitely go for more The Ship and to some extent the recent Assassins Creed's multiplayer type of games.
Is there an encompassing title for games like these?