Tour The Too-Cute-To-Blow-Up Tiny Death Star

NimbleBit, Disney and LucasArts are about to unleash the ultimate weapon on our unsuspecting planet — Tiny Tower, only set on Star Wars' Death Star. Disguising myself as an Australian, I infiltrated the adorable Imperial base, hoping to save my people from destruction. Is there no hope left?


If you managed to shake off the shackles of NimbleBit's wildly popular Tiny Tower, then you should have no trouble avoiding getting lost in Tiny Death Star. Aside from a new set of underground Imperial levels, it is pretty much the same game with a Star Wars skin. Players create level-after-level of residences and businesses, employing workers and gathering money to build even more. Riding Bitizens — the adorable little pixel people — up elevators to their desired floor is keeps players engaged while waiting out timers.


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Tiny Tower had a pretty powerful hold on me for a few months, but I eventually shook off its influence. I was worried Star Wars might draw me back in, but then the first of a series of unlockable skits popped up, and suddenly I didn't feel so compelled.

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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is current available for Australian iTunes accounts, with a worldwide release planned soon for iOS and Android.

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