There’s a challenge in Final Fantasy X (and an achievenemt in FFXHD) that tests the player’s ability to dodge lightning. It’s really hard for humans, but luckily, humans can build robots to help.

Taking place in an area called the Thunder Plains, the challenge is called Lightning Dodge, and gives players a split-second warning to hit “X” and jump out of the way before lightning strikes them. If you can do it a few times a chest will appear giving you some swag, but if you can do it 200 times, you get a powerful item (and the achievement in the remaster).


It’s really hard! Like other tests of both endurance and timing, the biggest obstacle isn’t necessarily the lighting itself, but the pressure players feel as their tally gets higher and higher.

To get around this, last year Jeff Hauser built this little machine to help him out. It was crude, but effective.

This week, Chris Wong made an improved model for the Vita version.

Before you say this is “lazy”, those robots didn’t build themselves.

(via NinjamicWZ @ NeoGAF)

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