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Touch-Screen Graffiti Controls Come With Jet Set Radio PS Vita Release

Illustration for article titled Touch-Screen Graffiti Controls Come With emJet Set Radio/em PS Vita Release

Jet Set Radio is also returning on the PlayStation Vita, Sega said today, bringing touch-screen controls and camera integration to to the beloved Dreamcast hit that's also releasing for the PS3, 360 and the PC.


The Vita version of Jet Set Radio will launch at the same time as it does the other platforms. The game's touch screen will gain graffiti-spraying functionality. Sega wasn't clear on how the camera will be integrated into the game.

No release date has been specified; Jet Set Radio's high-definition update will be a downloadable release on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, and for the PC sometime this summer


Jet Set Radio Announced for the PlayStation Vita! [Sega Blog]

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As fantastic as it is that Sega have finally started reacknowledging what are, in my opinion, their greatest franchises, I cannot express enough how disappointed I am that this isn't coming out for the 3DS.

The similar hardware specs between Nintendo's handheld and the Dreamcast, not to mention identical control system had me thinking that it would be the machine with the best chance for seeing any kind of DC ports - which is largely the reason I bought it in the first place. Also I've been a little won over by the 3D aspect and would love to see what my favorite games look like with that sort of treatment.

The Vita is starting to show the workings of a pretty solid handheld to me, but I just really don't want to buy another handheld - particularly considering I'm more impartial to Nintendo franchises than Sony ones. But then again, both are overshadowed by the colossal level of repressed Sega fanboyism, and should Sega ever decide to rerelease Skies of Arcadia on either of them, well...

... lets just say I'd have no inhibitions about buying that console.