Totilo Versus Soulja Boy - Fight!

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Can MTV Multiplayer journalist StephenTotilo, armed with insider knowledge from the likes of Cliffy B and Bungie, take down boastful rapper Soulja Boy in an Xbox Battle to the death?

As it turns out, no. Stephen does his very best to holds his own against the youthful Soulja, who at one point faces such intense pressure he has to remove his bling, but in the end everything is decided by a rather poorly played bout of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.


Stephen did manage to win the first round, which consisted of Geometry Wars II - a game Soulja had never played - but lost the Gears 2 match so badly it was almost painful to watch.

Luckily for those outside of the United States, you don't have to watch, as the MTV video below is sadly region locked.
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I Chainsaw Soulja Boy In Half, But He Triumphs In Gaming Battle [MTV Multiplayer]

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I have honestly always questioned Totilo's gaming legitmacy. I don't know if he used to be some god on some website or something, but as of now, is he not just part of MTV's attempt at apealing to the gamer crowd?

And what the heck is with that last shot? I haven't played GoW2 yet, but SOLDIER BOY wasn't even near the dude's head, and he got a headshot.....wth?