How to Take Down Soulja Boy

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Yeah, we've really shown the Totilo love round here, but he accepted Soulja Boy's month-old call-out to face him online, and the advice from Cliffy B and Bungie is too priceless not to share.


Figuring that Soulja (or is it Mr. Boy?) would pick Gears of War 2 or Halo 3, Stephen solicited Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and Bungie's Luke Smith for some protips on how to take down the mouthy rapper, as he's not too good handling teh FPS.


Here's Dude Huge's advice:

• Use your smoke grenades to incapacitate him and then rush in with a chainsaw finish.
• The one two punch of melee plus shotgun is always a good thing.
• When in doubt, bring up "Braid" and how trippy it was. He's likely to start spouting and become distracted.

On to Bungie, whose analysis of Soulja Boy's tactics and tendencies is spot on and filled to the brim with win.

In a one-on -one scenario with Soulja Boy, you're dealing with a guy who barely pushes a 1.0 kp/d (kills per death) at level 14. Contrary to his self-professed cranking, Soulja Boy ain't no Robocop.


Let's all pause to laugh heartily, before continuing:

His primary tools of destruction are melee and AR (like a lot of Halo 3 players). Most of his gameplay is going to center on getting close to you and thwacking you with a melee.

Douse his fire in water. Super soak dat oh! Play a ranged game. Learn where the scoped weapons are and find the right place to set up a perch. Remember to crouch-walk if you want to stay off of his radar. When possible, pair your Battle Rifle with a close-quarters weapon. Grenades don't always have to be offensive, you can throw grenades in places you've been or places you don't want him to get to. Soulja Boy is probably going to chase you a lot. You should go all Ice Tea on that azz.


Bungie provides even more advice, which, considering how common a gamer Soulja Boy seems to be, you might find it useful for taking down the non-rapper blowhards you face.

Bungie and Epic Offer Me Tips To Beat Soulja Boy In ‘Halo,' ‘Gears' [MTV Multiplayer]

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