Total War: Rome II Is Impressive, But Can It Handle Hannibal?

While no mere video game could ever hope to accurately emulate one of the greatest military commanders of all-time, Total War: Rome II has the power, scale and versatility to give Hannibal a good run.

Now I'm not saying anyone should march an entire army packed with pachyderms over the Pyrenees and Alps into Northern Italy — that would be silly. I'm just saying that, should one be so inclined, they could do so in The Creative Assembly's latest when it hits PC next month.

Definitely going to want to keep those mountain passes guarded, kids.

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I really want to get into the Total War games. I have Shogun 2 that I bought during a Steam Sale. I played through the Tutorial, built up a huge army that I was marching on the enemy and then some asshole bribed them and I lost my army before I even knew what was happening. I got so frustrated that I haven't gone back since.

Should I give it one more shot?