You buy a Gundam model kit. There are instructions. There's art on the box. There's the anime. All of this stares you down, giving you something to live up to. Well, screw that.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user uploaded a photo of a customized Gundam model with the hashtag, "For Gundam Models, It's Okay To Make Whatever You Want."


Japanese website R25 reports that the photo was retweeted over three thousand times, and other model makers followed suit. The result has been pure, uncut Gundam freedom!

MOF、美女…自由過ぎるガンプラ [R25]

Photos: hyakkiyakou_box, かくざとう@アイカツ少女 矢澤☆マギカ, Othin776, nukattane, sisitouP, Ren, GEKIDOM1125, 2warimasi, yuhkiichinose, kataoka830, yuhkiichinose, moto_aktk_s, hyakkiyakou_box, nyanpoo, hyakkiyakou_box, AME_ZARI, sauerP245, kisaragi, EPSILON13, UC_M_mdk, Souichi, crysis0083, oshimi06, snufkin_p, ZyouhoutantouSS, gram1228, himikakikyou, moro_nyo, YUJI_drumer, suportk, moeslot


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